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Graduate Women Scotland Glasgow

The Graduate Women Scotland Glasgow is a new name for an old organisation. In 1892 an Act was passed which allowed the University of Glasgow to confer degrees on women and The Association of Women Graduates of Glasgow University was formed in 1901 when there were some 30 to 40 women graduates. The Association was open to women graduates of all universities and its aims were to foster friendship and further women's interests. In 1921, the Glasgow Association became a branch of the British Federation of University Women which had been founded in 1907.

GWS outing Theatre Royal Glasgow 2016

Over the last one hundred years the Association has seen many changes. It now Graduate Women Scotland Glasgow (GWSG), one of the three associations which make up Graduate Women Scotland which in turn is an Association of the world wide Graduate Women International and University Women of Europe. However, two things have not changed - the aim of fostering friendships and the furthering of women's interests, particularly in the field of education.

The GWSG has a wide range of activities with a meeting every month from September through to May. At some meetings there is an invited speaker and in the last eighteen months we have heard about the development of the canal system in Glasgow, The World War 1 Women's Hospital, the involvement of Scots in the railway system in India, the development of the Art Collections in Glasgow, translating Nordic Noir Novels, the prevention of violence arising from extremism and the work of the Charity Enable Glasgow. There are also discussion meetings with topics ranging from the influence of deprivation on preschool children to the use of zero hour contracts.

Inverkip Lunch 2016

Each year GWSG organises an outing when we are joined by members from the other Associations in Dundee and Inverclyde, The most recent have been to The Reid Building of the Glasgow School of Art and the Theatre Royal. Social events have included Christmas parties and visits to our neighbouring associations. One of the most important features of the calendar are the Research Presentation Days at which postgraduate students are invited to present a paper on their work and this is followed by a discussion, to the general audience of all our members. The aim of the meeting is to give the students the opportunity to discuss their work with a wider audience and provide them with feedback on the art of public speaking. The Research Presentation Days are held under the auspices of GWS and organised each by one of the three associations.

GWSG is always keen to attract new members to continue the aims of our founding members more than one hundred years ago and it would be delighted to hear from you. For further information contact our membership secretary at

See our programme of events on the Programme Page.